When we decided to start Wanderlust Waypoints back in 2017, we were neck-deep in the conversion of the Wanderlust Bus. We were renting a house for way more than we wanted to spend, but at least it gave us the freedom to work on the bus how and when we wanted.

We heard similar stories from all kinds of nomads. High rent, limitations on storage and working times, and doing it with no help or expertise. So, we put our heads down and came up with a solution.


Wanderlust Waypoints are about creating what we hope will be the solution to most nomad problems that we’ve all run into. We’ve created a homestead community for skoolies, buses, vans, RVs, and any nomad in between. Every Waypoint is unique because every piece of land is unique. This means that some of our locations have features, amenities, and upgrades that others do not. There are, on the other hand, some things you’ll find at every Waypoint in the network.

WE provide a network of communities to call home

With locations around the country, we hope to be a place where all nomads feel that they can call their home away from home and  are consistent across the network giving you more bang for your buck! With memberships available you can pay one price and get stays from coast to coast.

IT TAKES A TEAM... & A bit of crazy!

We all wear a lot of hats but the effort put forward by our amazing team at our home office in TN and all of the teams at each of our properties is making Wanderlust Waypoints the best place for nomads to get things accomplished, get off the road, and get some community. We appreciate all the members of our team who work tirelessly to ensure a great customer experience from the time you roll in to the time you roll out.


Johnny Blayze

Director / Generally Everything

Johnny is the CEO, Marketing Director, Project Director, Foreman, and also wears just about any hat you could possibly wear trying to keep the Waypoints gears turning. He’s also the guy to find if you need some crazy solution to a problem.

Jessica Blayze

Gardens/Green Programs

Jess runs our gardens and greenouses and is also our homeopath and plant expert… though she’ll say she’s not. If you have something ailing you, there’s a good chance she can figure out something to treat it with. Think “Practical Magic” but less murder-y.


Baker Mountain - Spencer TN


Johnny Blayze

Director / Build Stop Host

Johnny also takes care of things at the Baker Mountain Property. He knows every square inch of the property and can show you where every amenity lies. He will also, in many cases, be your first point of contact upon arrival, if you have any issues, or when you are hitting the road.

Sierra Foothills - Squaw Valley, CA

Matt Downer

Director / Build Stop Host

Matt is our Sierra Foothills director and also acts as the build-stop host at the location. Matt is super knowledgeable; about the local area and attractions, the property, the animals, and everything in between. Matt also is the director of Triple H Majestic Ranch located at the property.

NOLA - New Orleans, LA

Duke Donjee

Director / Build Stop Host

Duke is the camp director at our New Orleans, LA location. Duke knows all about NOLA and can probably tell you a thing or 2 about the ins and outs of New Orleans. Duke is also an avid biker, so if you're a fan of the two-wheeled conveyance, then you'll have lots to talk about.