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Wanderlust Waypoints: Evergreen Shadow is located in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest just outside of the city limits of Olympia and promises to be one of our most popular locations. 



The Evergreen Shadow location has a large flat graveled lot right off the main road so access and getting set in place is a super simple process. The site itself is surrounded by massive evergreens that provide some privacy from the rest of the world while still keeping you in close proximity to everything that Olympia has to offer.
We have some powered sites available and if you’re a boondocker, we almost always can squeeze you in somewhere. Water is also available on property and dump sites are just up the road.
We’re working to expand facilities as quickly as possible to accommodate more nomads and their needs.

To provide a safe place and a secure environment for all our guests and families, we require some paperwork and we run a background check on anyone staying on-site overnight. 


Our workshop is an ever-progressing project. We’re constantly re-organizing and adding to our selection of tools to make those on-road repairs and upgrades a little easier.

With Olympia just up the road, you’ll have access to just about every building supply, part, and thingamabob that you’ll need to make your project get to it’s next step.

Local hardware store just up the road and Lowes is about an hour away.


Olympia, Washington is not just a picturesque city—it’s also a hub of educational opportunities that will expand your horizons. 

Olympia’s proximity to nature offers unique opportunities for outdoor education and environmental exploration. Take trips to nearby national parks or simply find inspiration in the natural wonders around you.

There’s a vibrant arts and cultural scene that nurtures creativity. Explore local art galleries, attend captivating theater performances, and engage with talented musicians, writers, and performers. 

Olympia is steeped in history. Explore museums like the Hands-On Children’s Museum, historical sites, and landmarks like the state capitol that tell the stories of the region’s rich heritage, and immerse yourself in the narratives that shaped Olympia!

So, if you’re seeking a place where education and inspiration converge, look no further than Evergreen Shadow.


The vibrant entertainment scene in Olympia offers a ton of recreational and cultural opportunities that are sure to satisfy any nomad.

Local art galleries showcase a diverse range of creative works and captivating theater performances will transport you to different worlds. Stroll the boardwalk at Percival Landing and take in the water and view or explore Olympic National Park.

Red Wind Casino is nearby if you’re a fan of slots or poker. Food lovers will be delighted by Olympia’s culinary offerings. Stop by the Olympia Farmers Market and pick up some local produce. Indulge in the city’s diverse array of restaurants, ranging from farm-to-table experiences to international cuisine. Experience the flavors of the region, savor fresh ingredients, and explore the vibrant food scene.