Hands-on activities

GEt your hands dirty and experience life

All of our Waypoints locations are not just places for nomads to build their rig, they’re also intended to be functioning homestead properties. Our plans at all Waypoints locations include our Beehives & Buses program, organic gardens, and all the green initiatives we put in place. Other locations have additional ways to get your hands dirty both on site and off property in the communities where our locations are based. Below are some of the things we currently have available for you to experience at our locations.

Play with the animals!

TRIPLE H Majestic Ranch

Wanderlust Waypoints: Sierra Foothills is also the home of Triple H Majestic Ranch, a functioning ranch with horses, goats, sheep, and other animals.

You can spend some time getting to know these amazing creatures, feed them, brush them, or help out any way you would like to. We see the calming effects of being around these animals, and they truly love the interaction as well. Goat yoga, maybe?