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Located in the picturesque landscape of Littlefield, AZ, Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica invites you to embark on a distinctive lodging experience. Situated amidst a vast expanse of interconnected private, federal, and state lands, our retreat seamlessly integrates with the natural environment, promising an unforgettable outdoor adventure for all who visit.


Nestled in the heart of Littlefield, AZ, Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica offers a unique stay experience on a sprawling network of lands that blend private, federal, and state territories into a seamless outdoor adventure.

With the initial rendezvous point, guests are welcomed into a world where the emphasis is on eco-friendly practices, cannabis-friendly spaces, and a community vibe.

The property spans various landscapes, offering ample opportunities for camping and glamping, all while we work towards enhancing amenities like water accessibility and solar power.

Guests can look forward to becoming part of a sustainable community, engaging in activities like rafting, hiking, and participating in organic gardening, with plans for further developments like health retreats, vineyards, and music festivals.

Whether you’re here to find solitude, adventure, or a chance to contribute to a burgeoning homestead-style community, Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica provides a canvas for an unforgettable experience.


To provide a safe place and a secure environment for all our guests and families, we require some paperwork and we run a background check on anyone staying on-site overnight. 


At Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica, we offer a unique opportunity for nomads to build and customize their rig right on-site, turning the dream of the perfect mobile home into reality amidst the stunning landscapes of Littlefield, AZ.

With access to a wide range of resources, including tools and mechanical support (despite the limited availability of our resident mechanic), enthusiasts can work on their projects surrounded by inspiring natural beauty.

This initiative not only encourages the spirit of adventure and self-sufficiency but also fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals passionate about life on the road.

Whether you’re retrofitting a van, upgrading an RV, or starting from scratch, the space and support available at Little Jamaica provide an ideal backdrop for creativity and innovation in building your nomadic haven.

Here, amidst the tranquility and wide-open spaces, your vision for a mobile lifestyle can flourish, supported by a community that shares your values of freedom, sustainability, and exploration.


The Little Jamaica Foundation plays a pivotal role in the development and preservation of the Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica site, focusing on sustainability, community engagement, and the promotion of eco-friendly practices.

Those interested in supporting the foundation’s mission can get involved in a variety of ways, from volunteering in agricultural projects, participating in clean-up and maintenance efforts, to contributing to the beekeeping and organic gardening initiatives.

The foundation is also keen on fostering a culture of barter and subsidy programs for those who wish to deeply engage with the land through homesteading and small-scale marijuana cultivation, aligning with the vision of creating a green, inclusive community.

By getting involved with the Little Jamaica Foundation, individuals have the opportunity to be at the forefront of building a unique, sustainable destination that values the environment, health, and the arts, ensuring that Little Jamaica remains a beacon of innovative living and community spirit.


At Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica, play and adventure are at the heart of our community, with a plethora of activities designed to thrill, entertain, and connect.

Among our most exciting features is our waterslide, a favorite for both young hearts and those young at heart, offering a refreshing escape into fun under the Arizona sun.

This waterslide is just the beginning of the play opportunities available on-site. Guests can also immerse themselves in nature through rafting, hiking the surrounding mountains, or simply relaxing by the river.

Our vision extends to creating spaces for world-class concerts and arts festivals, turning Little Jamaica into a playground for creativity, music, and cultural exchange.

Whether you’re sliding down into cool waters, exploring the natural beauty of the land, or enjoying the communal vibe at a live event, playing at Little Jamaica promises moments of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories, all set within the breathtaking backdrop of Littlefield, AZ.

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