Selected powered sites - tons of space for solar & genny-capable rigs


Already existing on site: Shower, Toilet, Laundry, Shops, TOOLS, CNC


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Wanderlust Waypoints: Christmas Valley sits on 40 acres in the wide-open Christmas Valley in Oregon.  With enough space for a decent number of rigs to find community, build and work on their rigs, and play with some awesome tools and equipment, this location promises to help you get your projects done without breaking your budget.

Nearby Fort Rock State Park and the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes offer some interesting recreational activities if you need a break from your build… or the other folks on your rig.


40 acres of Christmas Valley beauty surrounds the entire property and the horizons are amazing. We have a limited number of powered sites and tons of sites for anyone running on solar or a generator. You’ll have space to spread out and space to get things accomplished.

Showers are available as well as a bathroom, laundry and tons of spaces to gather around the fire (if permitted in season). Our super stellar site supervisor Skooby will get you settled and hooked and show you where things are.

To provide a safe place and a secure environment for all our guests and families, we require some paperwork and we run a background check on anyone staying on-site overnight. Late check in


Christmas Valley has tons of tools to accomplish a wide range of projects. We’ve got all the hand tools saws and other tools you might need to turn your mobile rig into an amazing home on wheels.

We’ve also got specialty tools that you can take advantage of… CNC, 3D printer, and automotive lift.

There is a general contractor and building supply store in Christmas Valley for supplies. If you need the big box stores you’ll be heading into LaPine about 100 miles away from us.


The Christmas Valley area is surrounded by National Forests and spectacular natural environments that offer tons of natural educational experiences for families and individuals.

The Summer Lake Wildlife  Area was established in 1944, with the primary objectives of protecting and improving waterfowl habitat and providing a public hunting area. It is now a popular destination for hunting, wildlife viewing, and environmental education due to its geographic setting, the abundance of wildlife present, and species diversity.

Fort Rock is an extinct Ancient Volcano over 50,000 years old. Its massive, towering walls extend over 200 feet above the plain! Take the trail around the interior of the “Fort” and you’ll soon realize why Ancient Indian settlers called this home – it’s even bigger than it looks at over 4,600 feet in diameter!


No… there are not a whole lot of amazing attractions around us but a trip to Christmas Valley will not disappoint. The views are amazing, the nature is unparalleled and the ethereal feeling you get while on-site is something that you really need to experience.

Step out into the far ends of the property and take some time to meditate, do some yoga, or just step away and take some time with your own thoughts. This property will let you get in touch with something… what that thing is… you’ll have to discover on your own journey.

If you’re a fan of motors, wheels, and giant sand ramps… then the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes have exactly what you’re looking for. Bring your dirt bike, UTV, quad, or any other Overlanding rig, and go spend the day flying over the Oregon sand dunes.

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