Chandler, Texas


2-4 Powered sites
10 Total rig sites


Build Spaces, TOOLS, pond, Playground


All major cc, Venmo, PayPal, cashapp

Wanderlust Waypoints: Van Zandt is 4 acres of Texas farmstead with a beautiful lake (okay, it’s legally a pond because it’s 4 acres, not 5… but … splitting hairs), a playground, and some awesome folks.  If you need a place where you can relax and work on your rig at the same time, our Van Zandt location may just fit that bill.



Located in Chandler, TX, our Van Zandt location is situated on 28 acres of Texas homestead. We’ve got a 4-acre lake that is stocked with fish. It really is a gorgeous view to wake up and look at while having your coffee. So the lake is beautiful, the fishing is great, and we’ve even got a playground to distract the kiddos while you catch dinner.

Power is available for both 15/20 amp and 30 amp hookups and water is available to fill your tanks. We’ve got tons of open space to enjoy and frolic.. yes, I said frolic… we encourage frolicking… 😀

To provide a safe place and a secure environment for all our guests and families, we require some paperwork and we run a background check on anyone staying on-site overnight. Late check in


The Van Zandt location has tools available for use and your host, Chad, is pretty handy in the construction world.

Ace Hardware is right up the road and Home Depot and Lowes are 15 miles away so access to supplies and building materials is convenient. You’ll have all the space you need to get it done and you shouldn’t have any issues getting that solar system tested out.


Nearby you can check out the history of the area at the Chandler Museum! The Yarborough House has the history of our great little city on display. From military, railroad, and commerce history, to education, arts, and lifestyle from as far back as the foundation of our town in 1880, you will see many artifacts and learn the deep roots of Chandler, Texas, “The City with a Heart.” 

Tyler, TX is just 20 minutes up the road and everything you need to keep the learning flowing is available. The Caldwell Zoo strives to connect people with the wonders of wildlife in order to cultivate an appreciation for the natural world. The Discovery Science Place has tons to see and experience with a variety of programs, exhibits, and events that are sure to entertain and educate the whole family. And that’s just a couple examples.

No matter what you’re interested, with our central location, you can get to almost anything you’d like to do.


On-site we have a pond that is stocked with fish that you can catch and eat, a paddleboat for you to go out on the water, wide open space for a quick game of tag football, (you’ll need a fishing permit, available from us) and even a playhouse with swings and slide for the littles (and the big kids too)

Nearby is Green Goat Winery, so if you need to get away from building your bus you can. They also have a small tasting room that is open on the weekends to make sure you choose a wine that pairs perfectly with angle grinding rivets… 

Further off-site the major metros close by offer tons of things to do including amusement and water parks, shopping, restaurants, and more.