If you’re a nomad that wants to give back to the nomadic community, use your experience on the road to help other nomads create their dreams while helping make one of our locations more amazing for all the vagabonds who roll through by being a work camper at Wanderlust Waypoints may be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you’ll be able to earn credits to use toward lot fees, items from our stores, items from our website, and at some location can be traded for cash payouts!


Work camping program details


Work camping with Wanderlust Waypoints is not designed to provide an hourly compensation rate. Instead, it’s intended to be a mutually beneficial trade where you offer your assistance with various tasks in exchange for a place to stay.


You will need to be living in your rig full-time or rent a cottage or cabin at one of the locations. Please note, cabin rentals fees are NOT payable with work trade credits so please budget accordingly when considering the program.

Types of jobs:

Each location has a wide range of tasks that need to be accomplished. From daily maintenance tasks to new project construction, we welcome anyone that has the skills and the wills to get things done. The build-site host determines the tasks that need to be accomplished and you will not be asked to do anything above your ability. Also, if you have a skilled trade, additional opportunities may be available.

Additional benefits of the work trade program:

Once you’ve spent time as a work camper at any of our locations gives you the opportunity to go to any other location and pick up right where you left off. Since we handle everything at the main office nothing will change and you’ll continue receiving credits as you work your hours, no matter what location you’re at!


If you’re already sold on the work camper thing at Waypoints you’ll need to do a few things. There is some paperwork and legal documents that need to be signed before you can start throwing your trowel in the soil but we’ll walk you through everything. We do not charge for our work camper program like some non-skoolie RV park programs do. 

To get started as a Waypoints work camper, feel free to contact us to get the conversation started and see how and where your talents can be best utilized at our location.