Most don't let you... but Waypoints will!

We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t yet, you will be. When it comes to building your own nomadic home on wheels, you’ll run into problems that need solutions, parts that need specialty tools, a place to build your nomadic rig, ideas, and sometimes even experienced folks to help you solve something so you don’t push your rig into a pond. (If it comes to that… we do have a 

Complete Builds, Roof Raises, Interior redesigns, repair


Each Wanderlust Waypoint has at least one Skill Space. These Skill Spaces are where members of our community make some amazing things. From wood to metal, we have spaces to help you out wherever you are in your project.

Skill Space offerings vary by location so make sure the location you choose has the equipment you’re looking for before heading out. If you’re looking to find if we have a specific tool, please visit each location’s Tool Shed page for a complete inventory.


Our locations are stocked with a variety of tools to help you build and work on your rig. From hammers and wrenches to sockets and specialty tools… each location offers a different selection of tools for use while you visit.


Some locations have enough power to handle the demands of welding equipment. Our welding equipment requires training and certification by a camp host before you can use them!

power tools

Drills, grinders, saws and everything in between. Each location has assorted power tools to accomplish a myriad of projects.

Utility tools

I mean, you are building a house… you’re gonna need electrical tools, plumbing tools, propane tools… and we try to have some of each at each location.

Give ordinary people the right tools and they will design and build the most extraordinary things!

Think of us as a makerspace for nomads!