Play at waypoints

Every Wanderlust Waypoint in the network has things to do both on-site and off-site. We have music festivals and gatherings that focus on community in addition to building our rigs.

We are looking to build a place where nomads can feel at home even when they have no permanent place where they park their wheels. We work hard to make you feel like a member of the Waypoints family no matter which location you choose to visit.

Sometimes you just need to step away


With each location in the network offering different things, it’s a pretty wide net as to what you can find. You’ll often find an impromptu jam session, a pop-up community dinner, or a random game of cornhole. 

Other things offered at some of our locations include hiking and nature activities, Overlanding, swimming pools or ponds, and horseback riding. Plus we’re always trying to find ways to make your on-site stay more entertaining.


With locations throughout the country and most within an hour of a semi-major metropolitan area, your options are limitless. Plan your route between locations and see the Biggest Ball of Twine or the Largest Shoe House on your way. That’s the best part of being a nomad!

Some of our locations are basically next door to popular State and National Parks. Others have educational opportunities and museums nearby and are in the heart of culture and nightlife. Whatever location you choose to stop at, Waypoints is close enough to tons of ways to entertain yourself and your family.