Sometimes we are lucky enough to have folks interested in our mission at Wanderlust Waypoints to the point that they share our vision in their content, articles, and other media. We feel super privileged that we have inspired others through our concept of these nomadic makerspaces.

Waypoints featured in the media


Wanderlust Waypoints: A Place Where Nomads Can Work on Their Rigs

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Al Christensen from and we covered some of the recent additions to our network in this great article. Give it a listen and check out their site.

Nomad Happy Hour Podcast

Jon Dean featured us not long after we opened on the Nomad Happy Hour. We got into how we started this crazy dream, who we are, and where we want our eventual vision of Waypoints to end up.

Gillian Hamilton did a lovely write-up about how we got started with our bus conversion and what led to the creation of Waypoints.

Mike the Bard was a guest at our TN location with a convoy of folks and talks about his stay.

We'll talk about waypoints until you're sick of us

If you’re interested in featuring Wanderlust Waypoints in your blog, podcast, article or anything else, we’d love to talk with you. Our CEO, Johnny, would be glad to chat with you about any aspect of our business and we are able to provide accompanying media to help with the presentation. 

If you would like to set something up, feel free to call our offices at (931) 208-4330 to make arrangements.