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Most places would have some boilerplate reservation form here so you can book online with no contact or interaction. That doesn’t work for Waypoints, we’re a makerspace not a campground. With every nomad and every nomadic rig being vastly different and having wildly different needs, our booking process starts with a phone call to our office. Here’s why:

  • Tailor-Made Experience for Every Visitor: Each nomad and their rig is unique, which means one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply here. By starting our booking with a conversation, we ensure that your stay is customized to fit the exact needs of your adventure and lifestyle.

  • In-depth Understanding of Your Needs: A phone call allows us to dive deep into what you’re seeking from your visit. Whether it’s quiet solitude, a community vibe, specific amenities for your rig, or adventure recommendations, we’re here to listen and accommodate.

  • Direct Communication Clears All Doubts: Questions and special requests can get lost in translation in online forms. A direct call ensures all your queries are answered promptly and accurately, leaving no room for misunderstandings or miscommunications.

  • Build a Connection Before Arrival: We believe in building a community, not just providing a place to park. Starting with a phone call allows us to create a personal connection from the get-go, making your arrival feel like coming home to friends.

  • Flexibility to Accommodate Special Requests: Every nomad’s journey is different, and so are their needs. A pre-booking call gives us the flexibility to accommodate special requests, whether it’s for a special occasion or specific rig requirements, ensuring every stay is as seamless as possible.

We know You Expected a Generic form

... But Nomads aren't generic!

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