Outdoor - 4 full-size, Indoor - 1 Full-size
1 Shorty or Van


power, water, Shower, Toilet, Laundry, FULL METAL SHOP WITH WELDING


All major cc, Venmo, PayPal, cashapp

Wanderlust Waypoints: Concrete is a build shop, full stop. If you’re looking to raise a roof, install under storage or a roof deck, or go full-on and make your Mad Max dreams a reality this is the Waypoints location you want!

We have welders, a metal lathe, a miller, and every metalworking tool imaginable but this tiny metal masterpiece only has 4-6 sites available and they will fill up quickly. 


Our Concrete location has two coveted indoor sites, 1 full-size and 1 shorty/van size as well as four outdoor sites all with available power.

We also have two airstream trailers and a furnished loft available for rent for those at the very start of their build.

Amenities currently include a shower, bathroom, and laundry facilities available for guest use as well as water to fill your tanks and power to keep the lights on.

To provide a safe place and a secure environment for all our guests and families, we require some paperwork and we run a background check on anyone staying on-site overnight.


This is where the Concrete location shines. We have a complete metal shop giving you the capability to accomplish nearly any project your mind can come up with. 

We have metal saws, a metal lathe, a milling machine, an assortment of welders, and just about every other metalworking tool you could imagine. This is the location to do a roof raise, a solar rack, a back porch, or build the next impressive rig to drive around at Burning Man.



Though Concrete is a tiny town there are still opportunities for recreation and play nearby.

Visit the many sights around our spot of sparky paradise… the Lower Baker Dam Visitors’ Center Park, head over to North Cascades National Park, or check out the Henry Thompson Bridge… yep, it’s a bridge.

In all honesty, if you chose this specific location out of all of those in the Waypoints network, you had a specific goal in mind, so stop thinking about recreation and get back to welding something… and we’ve got the equipment here to help you do that.

This falls back to the shop as well. Concrete is the perfect location to get hands-on with all things metal related. Other nomads on site will be able to help guide you and point you in the right direction but the work will essentially be all on you.  

Off site there are opportunites to learn about the history of Concrete, WA as well as visit one of our amazing national parks.

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