BE a waypoints partner

It doesn’t matter if you have 7, 70, or 700 acres, Wanderlust Waypoints has put together a comprehensive program that allows property owners to monetize their properties more productively than doing it on their own.

By partnering with Waypoints, you get the support, the technology, and expertise of a team of people devoted to making your property a success. We do all the heavy lifting… marketing, reservations, customer interaction and retention, timesheets, work campers and everything else that makes us different from EVERYTHING else out there.


Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

As a Waypoints land partner you get the benefits and income of owning your own business without all of the hassle that comes with it.

Complete Marketing

We have the experience to connect with an audience that wants what you’re offering. We handle everything marketing related allowing you to focus on more important projects.

Business Support

We keep track of all the business paperwork though the Waypoints website and that data is available to you at any time.

Booking & Payment

All bookings are done through the Waypoints website and you are notified through email of any upcoming stays, departures, and other info to help keep things organized and running smoothly.


Knowing what a 40′ bus needs when they stop by is important in this line of work. Our team has been in the bus world for a while now and knows how to help set your location up for the comfort of the guest and the efficiency of the property.

On-Site Helping hands

Our work camping program is designed to provide you with on-site support. By offering extra hands, we can help you complete projects or prepare your site for nomads. This is an excellent resource to enhance your capabilities and ensure everything is in order.

Processes & Proceedures

We’ve developed methods to ensure a safe environment for all of our guests, profit protection for our land partners, and liability protection for our business. This keeps our clientele trackable and our properties safe for everyone.



Partnering with Waypoints is easy and is a pretty laid-back process. Yes, there’s some paperwork and numbers and legal stuff, but we’ll walk you through everything and answer any questions you have along the way!

Is my property right for a Waypoint?

We’re interested in partnering with owners that have properties of all sizes. We cater the offerings at each location to best position the property to be profitable.

What utilities are required?

Although utilities are not mandatory, we recommend providing at least basic access to electricity and water. Without these amenities, many nomads may choose alternative accommodations. If these utilities are unavailable at your property, it will need other attractive features, such as an excellent location or exceptional property characteristics, to appeal to potential visitors.

Do I need showers, laundry and toilets?

Again, not required, but absolutely appreciated by the nomad community. This also, again, increases the likelihood of consistent booking.

Get excited about your property again

The process is easy!



We start with a quick conversation to determine what you have to offer as far as property, amenities, tools, power, etc. and what we offer as a company and the benefits we bring to the table.



Once the agreements are all signed, we move onto planning out the Waypoint and getting the property ready for the public. Many times this includes work campers helping get things done.



Once we get the property to where it needs to be to open to the general public, we’ll blast it all over the internet and socials to make sure everyone knows about it.



The hard work is done, well mostly, now it’s just about keeping things running efficiently and keeping your guests happy. This turns into dollars in your pocket.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form by clicking the button below, shoot us a message, give us a call, text, or email to get the conversation started, and let us show you how we can turn your property into part of the community.