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Nestled within the scenic beauty of Ozone, TN, Wanderlust Waypoints Lake Waldensia is a haven for nomads seeking solace in nature’s embrace. With 372 acres of wooded paradise, a sparkling lake for aquatic adventures, and communal spaces fostering connection, Waldensia beckons wanderers to redefine their journey. Embrace the freedom of nomadic living no matter what kind of rig you’re in, and let the heart of Ozone, TN, add its unique charm to your story. 


Nestled in the heart of Littlefield, AZ, Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica offers a unique stay experience on a sprawling network of lands that blend private, federal, and state territories into a seamless outdoor adventure.

With the initial rendezvous point, guests are welcomed into a world where the emphasis is on eco-friendly practices, cannabis-friendly spaces, and a community vibe.

The property spans various landscapes, offering ample opportunities for camping and glamping, all while we work towards enhancing amenities like water accessibility and solar power.

Guests can look forward to becoming part of a sustainable community, engaging in activities like rafting, hiking, and participating in organic gardening, with plans for further developments like health retreats, vineyards, and music festivals.

Whether you’re here to find solitude, adventure, or a chance to contribute to a burgeoning homestead-style community, Wanderlust Waypoints: Little Jamaica provides a canvas for an unforgettable experience.


To provide a safe place and a secure environment for all our guests and families, we require some paperwork and we run a background check on anyone staying on-site overnight. 


Build your nomadic home amidst natural splendor.

Our expansive 372-acre retreat offers a unique opportunity for nomads to create a personalized sanctuary using communal facilities and tools provided. Woodworking, Metalworking, General Contracting, Automotive, and Specialty Tools are all available. 

With Lake Waldensia as your backdrop, let your creativity flourish as you forge a home that perfectly aligns with your nomadic spirit.

Discover the joy of building, connecting, and calling Waldensia your unique nomadic haven.

Home improvement stores and all your supplies for the build are a short 15 minute drive away. 


Beyond the tranquil landscapes of Wanderlust Waypoints: Waldensia lies a wealth of educational opportunities in the heart of Ozone, TN. Engage your curious mind by exploring the local history and culture, with nearby museums and historical sites providing a fascinating journey into the past. For those seeking academic pursuits, Ozone offers access to educational institutions that embody the charm of small-town learning.

⛏️ Waldensia Coal Mine Heritage: Delve into the rich industrial history of the region by exploring the Waldensia Coal Mine. A testament to the area’s mining legacy, this site offers a unique glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of the coal industry that once thrived here. Discover the stories of the hardworking individuals who shaped the landscape, creating a connection between the past and the serene present of Waldensia. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a curious learner, Ozone, TN, provides a diverse educational landscape waiting to be explored.


Escape into the embrace of nature at Wanderlust Waypoints: Waldensia, where play isn’t just encouraged, it’s celebrated. 

Dive into the sparkling waters of Lake Waldensia for refreshing swims and kayaking adventures, or simply unwind on its serene shores surrounded by the beauty of 372 acres of wooded land. 

The community spaces, equipped with shared kitchens and gathering spots, become the canvas for forging connections and creating memories with fellow nomads. 

From impromptu gatherings to communal adventures, Waldensia thrives on the spirit of togetherness. Embrace the joy of playing in nature, splashing in the lake, and building lifelong bonds within the warm community of Ozone, TN. Your adventure playground awaits!