Baker Mountain | Spencer, TN | Cottage | 8×12


8×12 Cottage site. Includes power and requires a minimum of 21 days stay, 2 weeks prior notice, and a deposit based on your cottage size.

Cottages are completely wired, insulated, drywalled, and floored. We also include an air conditioner available for an additional power fee of $2/day. If you’d like to add a dorm-size refrigerator or any other power consumptive items, please discuss this with us to see if we are able to accommodate.


Baker Mountain | Spencer, TN | Cottage | 8×12

With almost 10 acres in the Upper Cumberland region of the Appalachian Mountain Range, our Baker Mountain location is surrounded by the Smokey Mountains. We can currently host a variety of sizes of rigs from full-size skoolies to vans and shorty’s.

Baker Mountain is close to tons of attractions and things to do. We’re smack dab in the middle of the metro triangle of Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga and we’re within 15 minutes of the biggest state park in TN, Fall Creek Falls State park, as well as Rock Island State Park, Cumberland Caverns and so much more.

We’re also fully stocked with all the tools you could ever want to work on your nomadic rig.

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